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Our Ozone  Area

Ozone Benefits

Ozone benefits
Over 50% more efficient at breaking through bacteria membranes compared to chlorine.
Eliminates a wide range of bacteria over 3000 times faster than chlorine.
Potent disinfectant at low concentrations. This is being used to get the smoke smell out of the items

PDX-21 Hawaii Convention

PDX21 Convention Center Photo

Recently we attended PBX21, CSI Honolulu’s annual trade show for Hawaii’s building and design industries. Industry professionals were able to see a showcase of the latest products and services from local and national vendors, 26 expert-led AIA-accredited seminars. This in-person event brings together local architects, engineers, contractors, and owner representatives (AECO) for a day of education, information and networking

pools of water in the lower level of a concrete parking lot

Flooding To Parking Lot And Stores

The Stores Near Urgent Care in Kailua Suffered Flooding From Storm Water

The car garage in this concrete parking lot was flooded with water. The water ran into the surf shops door. Water filled the room to the point that the wooden flooring would move with the water in waves. Our team extracted all the water, addressed all damages and replaced the flooring. You would not be able to tell the parking lot or surf shop ever suffered storm damage. 

Injectidry and dehumifier machines set up in bathroom

Our SERVPRO Team Has Advanced Tools To Restore Your Hawaii Kai Home

Our Equipment Is Advanced To Ensure You Receive The Fastest Restoration

Our SERVPRO team has advanced tools and equipment to make certain your home is fully and professionally restored. In this photo are two of our "drying" machines. On the right we have the dehumidifier that filters the air and removes water particles. On the left we have the injectidry. This machine has hoses to insert into the affected walls. The water is then dried without having to remove the entire wall. Our SERVPRO team is IICRC certified and highly trained to make the best decision for your home throughout the restoration process. 

wall with long long crack near the base of the wall with bubbling paint

Large Pipe Burst Causes Water Damage And Mold Growth

Water Damage To Your Home Is A Big Deal

The pipe burst in this home was ignored for days, until the family started noticing big problems. Their kitchen became smelly and musty and the out side wall opposite of their kitchen wall became to bubble and break due to the large amount of water left sitting. Our team tore out treated and rebuilt the affected areas and got this home back to pre-incident condition.

store front of iHop

IHOP in Pearl City Uses SERVPRO

SERVPRO Offers Carpet Cleaning Services To IHOP And Commercial Businesses In Pearl City

Having customers come into IHOP everyday there are plenty opportunities for people to spill or stain the carpet. And those opportunities are unfortunately taken. IHOP in Pearl City calls on SERVPRO of Central Honolulu to take care of there restoration services. 

dark water spots on wall

First United Methodist Church Has Water Damage

Conference Room In First United Methodist Church Suffers Water Damage

Water damage in this church conference room caused worry not only church leaders but to many church members as well. Our SERVPRO team came out and removed all damaged areas and made certain all presence of water was gone. Our team then rebuild the walls and made this church's water damage look "Like it never even happened."

part of ceiling hanging near light fixture

Water Soaking Through Ceiling Causes Ceiling To Fall

The Paint And Ceiling Material Begins To Fall With Weight Of Water

After damage to the roof of this Waipahu home, the water damage to the ceiling causes the paint and ceiling to hang. Our team tarped-up the roof to prevent further water damage and restored the ceiling to it's original, pre-damage, conditions. The home owners were impressed with our teams efficiency and prompt manner. 

outside of on century park plaza building

SERVPRO Working Alongside Competing Restoration Companies

26 Floors In This Century Park Plaza Building Calls For SERVPRO And Our Competitors To Team Up

With 26 floors of the Century Park Plaza being affected by water damage. SERVPRO of Central Honolulu and Kailua worked along side its competitors to ensure the community would have their homes back to them as soon as possible. 

damaged wooden flooring piled in middle of room

Storm Damage In McCully Moiliiili Home

Flooding Caused By Storm Water

Storm damage to this Moiliili Home caused the flooring in the front of the building to bubble. The flooring was removed by our IICRC certified and highly trained SERVPRO team. The entire floor in the front room was removed and replaced. The home owners were pleased to have their home back, and looking "Like it never even happened."

roof black and charred, with blue tarp covering large hole in roof. Neighboring home so burned it is only a burnt frame

If Your Neighbors Home Is On Fire Call 911! Your Home Is At Stake As Well!

Kailua Home Catches Next Door Neighbor's Home On Fire

The fire from a neighboring home caught this hours on fire. As you observe from the photo above the roof of this home was severely burned. The fire burned a hole into the ceiling creating the need for a "tarp up". Our IICRC certified team tarped the ceiling preventing any possible damage to furter due to the weather. 

bathroom with soot covering the mirror, sink, floors, walls, toilet with streaks going down mirror and walls

Every Fire Has Water Damage

Fire Damage Almost Always Means Water Damage Mitigation is Required

What many people do not realize when there is a fire there is almost always water damage in accompaniment. If a home or business is affected by a fire the fire is put out with water meaning the affected areas are completely saturated. The water settles throughout the structure and causes many areas to swell and suffer water damage. Here at SERVPRO we are IICRC certified and trained, and are well qualified and ready to deal with the fire and water damage in your home.

Two green SERVPRO vans parked outside Hawaii Kai Retirement Home

Storm Damage Flooding Hawaii Kai Retirement Home

Flooding Caused By Flash Floods Fill Hawaii Kai Retirement Home

Water, mud, and run off filled the bottom floors of this Hawaii Kai Retirement Home. The halls, rooms, kitchens, and lobbys all were filled with water, mud and debris from the flash flood. Our team reported on site that night. Our team worked tirelessly till 4 am extracting water and mud. Our team worked for a few weeks to ensure all damages were restored. Those at this retirement home were grateful for the speed, care and efficiency of our SERVPRO team. 

Soot and residue sovering all surfaces of the washroom, streaks of dried water marking pulling soot down the washing machines

Soot and Smoke Become Major Clean Up

Devastating Kitchen Fire Leaves Soot Residue Throughout Home

As you might imagine direct flame causes major damage to everything it comes in contact with. What many people do not realize is, soot and smoke leave a strong odor and residue that require a specific cleaning process. Our SERVPRO team reported to this home and addressed all damages. The home owners were pleased with the efforts and professionalism of our team.

toilet water contaminants spread across the floor

Honolulu Condo Suffers Water Damage

Backed Up Toilet Causes Water Damage in Honolulu Condo

This backed up toilet caused category 3 water damages to home. Our team extracted all the water and contaminants. With the proper tools and expertise of our SERVPRO team their home suffered minimal damages, the residents were very grateful of our speed and service.

Kitchen counter tops charred and shove handles melted

Kitchen Fire Destroys Counters, Stove Top, and Oven

Kitchen Stove and Counters Destroyed in House Fire

Upon arriving in this Mililani Home our team observed the damages of the fire seeing the kitchen stove, counters, and cabinents would all need replacement. Notice the counter tops are cracking and charred. The damages required a complete replacement of the counter tops, and the entire home to be cleaned to get rid of the smoke smells left by the fire. The home owners were well pleased with the recovery time by our SERVPRO team.

Outside of Kailua Cinemas Movie Theater

Kailua Cinemas Calls on SERVPRO

SERVPRO is Kailua Cinemas First Call When it Comes to Restoration

Kailua Cinemas has had the need for SERVPRO's restoration services over the last few years. Having established a positive relationship and is Kailua Cinemas first call when it comes to any flooding or cleaning services. 

dirt and mud covering white tile flooring, water extractor sucking up dirt and water

SERVPRO Has The Lastest Restoration Tools

Water Extracting Tool At Work

To remove water, dirt, and all mud throughout this retirement home our SERVPRO team knew instinctively that our water extraction system would work best to remove all water that way the mud and dirt could be removed thoroughly, and properly. 

Hawaii Kai Retirement home Kitchen floor completely covered in dirt, mud, pebbles, and water

Hawaii Kai Flash Flood Affects Entire Lower Level of Retirement Home

Hawaii Kai Retirement Home Suffers Traumatic Storm Damage

A flash flood in Hawaii Kai rushed into the retirement home housing hundreds of our kapuna. Dirt, mud, and debris filled the floors, SERVPRO reported on site and began the recovery process that same night. Our employees worked throughout the night to ensure the quickest recovery possible. The retirement home was so thankful for the speed and diligence of our SERVPRO team.

kitchen with a large section of the ceiling cut out

Mililani Home Becomes Subject to Storm Damage

Rain Damage Causes Damage to Mililani Kitchen Ceiling

The heavy rains across the island caused damage to this Mililani home. The water had come through their ceiling and began to drip into their kitchen. After calling SERVPRO our technicians were able to assess all damages and completely repair their home. Home owners were greatly pleased with our "detailed professional work."

Payless aisle completely saturated with water, creating puddles along the aisle

SERVPRO Restores Weather Damage to Waipahu Payless

Weather Damage to Waipahu Payless

After heavy rains in Waipahu, the local Payless Shoe Store became flooded, completely saturating the floor. Such great amounts of water soaked into the carpet and gathered in puddles. SERVPRO extraced all sitting water from the floors and carpets. We then strategically placed dehumidifiers and fans to dry any remaining moisture. 

small carpet soaked with water, wooden flooring bubbling and lifted with water

Flooding in Local Surf Shop

Flooding in this local surf shop caused great water damage. Our IICRC certified SERVPRO team came in and extracted all water. As you may observe there was a great amount of water, observe how the wooden floor has curved and lifted. The owners of this shop were so grateful for the speed and efficiency at removing all water and getting their shop back on track. 

black soot covering kitchen walls, fridge, cabinets and ceiling. Burnt ceiling fallen through and torn.

Devastating Kitchen Fire

When thinking about a fire, you may think the worst of the damage is what comes in contact with  the flame. However, some of the biggest nuisances when dealing with fire damage is the settling soot, or smoke smells. In the photo above we can see extreme fire damage from direct flames as well as thick layers of soot that have settled on the ceiling, walls, and fridge. 

un-grouted tiles loose and scattered across floor

Storm Damage: Loose Grouting And Scattered Tile

Flood water came into this Hawaii Kai home during a flash flood and caused a great deal of water damage within their home. The water seeped into the grout causing water damage and great concern for possible fungi or microbial growth. Our team of highly trained technicians came in to remove all tile, and replace the flooring, making it "Like it never even happened."

plastic tarp sealing room with red zipper


Containment is a common practice to prevent any further contamination between rooms. Proper containment will prevent the transfer of soot, dust, or airborne contaminants. Here at SERVPRO of Central Honolulu we have highly trained technicians who know when the proper practice and use of containment materials are need when restoring your home. 

black charred exterior wall

Kailua Fire Catches Neighboring Home

The fire that caused the charring on this home started on a neighboring home. The fire spread to this side of the home and caused serious damage to the exterior walls and roofing. SERVPRO came in and replaced all walls and roofing. 

ceiling missing panels

T-Mobile Store Fungi Damage Services

This T-Mobile location was suffering a reoccurring issue with microbial, or fungi growth in their store. With repeated issues, T-Mobile called SERVPRO. Our team came out determined to resolve the issue once and for all. Our team worked tirelessly to find the cause of the fungi growth. In doing so our team had to remove the paneling in their ceiling. Once the paneling was removed and all affected areas were treated our team recommended a new AC system. Since getting a new AC system this T-Mobile location has had a cease of fungi or microbial growth.

Kitchen cabinets melted by fire, soot covers the counter tops and kitchen floor.

Fire Started in Kitchen By Tupperware Left in Oven

A fire started in this home by leaving tupperware inside the oven destroyed the entire home. The oven was left unattended while the home owners were at their son's football practice. The entire home was affected by the fire. The walls, cabinets, ceiling all needed to be replaced. The homeowners were extremely grateful for SERVPRO's services and the compassion of our SERVPRO of Central Honolulu's team.

Contaminants from pipes in bathroom tub.

Backed Up Bathtub

The bathtub in the family bathroom was backed up in this home. Contaminants came up through the drain in this tub and flooded the home. The flooding affected the bathroom floor and hall way. The owner of this home was impressed with the timely manner of our SERVPRO team.

Water seeping below wooden flooring causing bubbling of flooring. A rug on top of wooden flooring soaked up water from below.

Wooden and Carpet Flooring Soak Up Water

A burst pipe in a bathroom within this home cause flooding throughout the home. The water was soaked up by the wooden panel flooring causing the seems of the flooring to bubble. The rug in this photo became saturated with water coming up from the soaked wooden flooring. 

Mold on the inside of a wall

Water Damage Causes Drastic Microbial Growth

Water damage can cause further damages, such as the microbial or fungi growth shown above. The water source came from the outside of this home and seeped into the wall. Because the water damage was not noticed until later the growth became a much larger problem for the home owner. The owner of this home was shocked with the expertise and care SERVPRO provided throughout their remediation process. 

Ready for whatever happens

We are "Ready for whatever happens." Our Equipment is stock and ready to help our clients when disaster strikes. From water damage to Fire damage to mold and Biohazards, our goal is to get you back to business or back into your home ASAP.  We  are ready to respond 24 hours a day. Call on us, We'll make it "Like it never even happened."