Water Damage Photo Gallery

wall with long long crack near the base of the wall with bubbling paint

Large Pipe Burst Causes Water Damage And Mold Growth

Water Damage To Your Home Is A Big Deal

The pipe burst in this home was ignored for days, until the family started noticing big problems. Their kitchen became smelly and musty and the out side wall opposite of their kitchen wall became to bubble and break due to the large amount of water left sitting. Our team tore out treated and rebuilt the affected areas and got this home back to pre-incident condition.

part of ceiling hanging near light fixture

Water Soaking Through Ceiling Causes Ceiling To Fall

The Paint And Ceiling Material Begins To Fall With Weight Of Water

After damage to the roof of this Waipahu home, the water damage to the ceiling causes the paint and ceiling to hang. Our team tarped-up the roof to prevent further water damage and restored the ceiling to it's original, pre-damage, conditions. The home owners were impressed with our teams efficiency and prompt manner. 

toilet water contaminants spread across the floor

Honolulu Condo Suffers Water Damage

Backed Up Toilet Causes Water Damage in Honolulu Condo

This backed up toilet caused category 3 water damages to home. Our team extracted all the water and contaminants. With the proper tools and expertise of our SERVPRO team their home suffered minimal damages, the residents were very grateful of our speed and service.

Contaminants from pipes in bathroom tub.

Backed Up Bathtub

The bathtub in the family bathroom was backed up in this home. Contaminants came up through the drain in this tub and flooded the home. The flooding affected the bathroom floor and hall way. The owner of this home was impressed with the timely manner of our SERVPRO team.

Water seeping below wooden flooring causing bubbling of flooring. A rug on top of wooden flooring soaked up water from below.

Wooden and Carpet Flooring Soak Up Water

A burst pipe in a bathroom within this home cause flooding throughout the home. The water was soaked up by the wooden panel flooring causing the seems of the flooring to bubble. The rug in this photo became saturated with water coming up from the soaked wooden flooring. 

Ready for whatever happens

We are "Ready for whatever happens." Our Equipment is stock and ready to help our clients when disaster strikes. From water damage to Fire damage to mold and Biohazards, our goal is to get you back to business or back into your home ASAP.  We  are ready to respond 24 hours a day. Call on us, We'll make it "Like it never even happened."